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Whether You're a new Real Estate Investor just starting Your Real Estate Investment journey or a Pro- You can count on us.
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  • Best of Breed Loan Products

    Whether You're a new Real Estate Investor just starting Your Real Estate Investment journey or a Pro- You can count on us

  • +Our Award Winning Service


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#BridgeLoan - Min FICO 680

Talk to one of our Experts! 888 613 0039 | #FixandFlip Loans-up to 90% of Purchase Price | 100% of Rehab (New operators welcomed) I up to 80% ARV I Experienced? NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS OPTION I Advanced Funding available | #NATIONWIDE I #FASTCLOSINGS I NO Pre-Pay Penalty I Min Loan Amount: $75K

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Buy & Hold I Cash-out - Min FICO 680

Talk to one of our Experts! 888 613 0039 | #BuyandHold -Up to 85% LTV on Purchases in TX, FL ONLY I #CashOutRefi up to 80% I NO SEASONING OK I Competitive Rates | #interestOnlyOption | #FASTCLOSINGS I #NATIONWIDELENDING I Min Loan Amount: $75K

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Short-term Rentals - Min FICO 680

Our vacation rental Programs will specifically look at the projected AirDNA Rental income or Actual STR Income Ledger (whichever is Higher) to determine value in Most cases, probably the ONLY program like this I Talk to one of our Experts! 888 613 0039 | #Short Term Rentals | #Acquisitions #Refi #cashoutRefi up to 80% I NO SEASONING REQUIRED I Competitive Rates | #FASTCLOSINGS I #NATIONWIDELENDING I Min Loan Amount: $75K

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Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to answer all your questions

Hard money typically refers to money that is obtained through a loan secured by a tangible asset, such as real estate. It’s often used by real estate investors or businesses that need quick financing and may not qualify for traditional bank loans due to factors such as poor credit history or the unconventional nature of the investment.

Hard money loans are often used for various purposes, particularly in real estate investing and other business ventures where traditional financing may not be readily available.

At Bwm, INC it does not cost anything to apply, no application fees, no administration fees, no upfront costs of any kind. However, there are third party fees you need to pay when the loan process begins, i.e pulling credit, appraisal, etc…

Our Business is built on repeat customers. As Long as you have the experience and the Financial Capability to handle multiple properties, we are willing and able to lend as much as you can responsibly manage.

Typically, our loan products require only a soft pull inquiry, however, depending on the state you are transacting in or the loan product desired, this may require us to do a hard pull. We strive to be transparent at every step of the transaction, and we do our best to notify you ahead of time which pull will be more likely depending on which factors above are present at the time of your transaction.

The Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is a financial metric used by lenders to assess the ability of a borrower to cover their debt obligations with their income. It is calculated by dividing the borrower’s net operating income (NOI) by their total debt service (the amount of principal and interest payments on all outstanding debts).

Get started on your path to securing a hard money loan by reaching out to our team of experienced lenders today. With our streamlined process, we make accessing financing for your real estate investments or business ventures easier than ever. Simply submit your application along with the necessary documentation, and our team will work with you to find the best loan options tailored to your needs. Don’t let traditional financing constraints hold you back – unlock the potential of your projects with our flexible hard money lending solutions. Connect with us now to take the first step towards realizing your financial goals.

The benefits of using hard money include quick access to funds, as these loans often have shorter approval processes than traditional bank loans. They also offer flexibility in terms of credit requirements, making them accessible to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. Hard money loans can be used for various purposes, from real estate investments to business financing, providing versatility.

To secure approval for a hard money loan, first, identify reputable lenders specializing in your desired financing area. Prepare essential documents, including financial statements, credit history, and project details. Present a well-thought-out proposal outlining your project’s potential returns and repayment plan

The timeline for closing on a property with a hard money loan can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the transaction, the efficiency of the lender, and any specific requirements or conditions associated with the loan.

The experience required to qualify for a hard money loan can vary depending on the lender and the specific type of loan you’re seeking. In general, hard money lenders typically evaluate borrowers based on their ability to successfully execute the proposed project or investment opportunity rather than solely on traditional measures like credit score or income.

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BWM offers both flexible short-term financing as well as long-term financing options designed to fit a multitude of investment strategies. Experience the easier way to access funding on your next project.