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Investor-Friendly Long-term Financing

Whether Your Collateral is used as a Short-term Rental or a Long-term one

Want to finance a Purchase, or Refinance a Property in Your Rental Portfolio?

A variety of Loan options are available and a dedicated team of BWM Experts ready to help you.

Are You a Short-term Rental Operator?

Maximize Your Cash Flow with either an adjustable- rate mortgage (ARM) as rates come down or a 30- year fixed mortgage.

Buy Rehab Rent Refinance Repeat (BRRRR)

Combine Your individual Properties under one Portfolio Loan, this could save you thousands in lowered monthly payments depending on the size of Your RE Portfolio.
Our Rental Property Loan products are designed for investors of all experience levels to quickly purchase, refinance, or cash-out individual rental properties, as well as entire portfolios. Whether your primary business is long-term Rental or Short-term, We can help you explore various loan options, to find a rental property loan program, perfect for your needs.

Asset Type: SFR, 2-4, Condos, Townhomes, Portfolio
Zoning: Residential
Transaction Type: Long-term Lease/Short-Term Rental/Vacation Properties
5/1/7/1/10/1/Interest Only/30 Year Fixed
Minimum FICO: 680
Leverage up To:80% Purchase / 80% Rate & Term / 75% Cash-Out Experience: New & Experienced Operators Welcomed
Experience: New & Experienced Operators Welcomed
Transaction Size: $75k-$4MM
Closing Timeline: Close and Fund in as few as 5 Days
Demography: LENDING NATIONWIDE (except): Arizona | California I Delaware I Idaho I Minnesota I Nevada I North Dakota | Oregon | South Dakota | Utah | Vermont

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May 03

Extremely professional 5

Extremely professional 5 Stars thru and Thru from the sales team to the very patient Processors. Would recommend.

Eddy G. 


Apr 27

These Guys are Great!!!

These Guys are great we’ve been using them for the better part of 2 years now. Excellent Service, every time!

Josh W. 


Feb 21

Experts, Really, Expert

Experts, Really, Experts Love BWM, they have the best short-term rental loan programs I’ve ever used. Not changing, ever again. Hah!

Andrew G.


Jan 25

Oh They understand us

Oh They understand us, We appreciate anyone that goes above and beyond to make our lives easy…

Mike A. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

When you are looking to purchase an Investment Property to rent out or eventually flip, you can’t pursue the same type of loan you would for a primary residence. Rental loans provide reliable funding for the property that you’re looking to purchase but not actually live in. And, with rules in the lending industry-changing regularly, you’ll want to work with a funding company that specializes in these types of loans.

Yes. Our vacation rental Programs will look specifically at the AIrDna Rental income projections or Actual 12-month Ledger, in order to determine value in Most cases, probably the ONLY program like this.

Loans for residential rental properties typically have significantly higher interest rates and more significant down payments. Making a precise formal record for cash flow is simpler because rental property loans are still financed over 30 years and have a fixed monthly fee.

When you attempt to fund a non-owner-occupied house, you’ll notice similarities in the procedure if you’ve previously obtained a mortgage for your primary home. To qualify for an investment loan, you must submit an application, provide documentation of your financial accounts, and have good personal credit.

Rental property loan conditions differ depending on the lender. However, below is a rundown of what to expect.
• 680 minimum credit score
• A down payment of 25% or more, depending on the type of property and the borrower’s credit.
• Residential rental property loans are available for single-family and multi-family properties, townhomes, and condominiums.
• Increased rates to make up for the lender’s increased risk.
• The borrower’s cash reserves usually must be sufficient to pay the mortgage for six months. 

Since lenders perceive investment property loans as riskier than mortgages for owner-occupied homes, interest rates are higher and down payments are more significant. However, investors can deduct all interest payments from their taxes.

Typical investors often have a credit score of 680 or higher. Investors with FICO ratings of less than 680 can still find funding, although the cost of money can make break the deal or require more cash from the Borrower, among other possible penalties.

To qualify for a loan, a rental property must be rent-ready and free of significant maintenance. Additionally, rental loans can have lengthy durations, between five to thirty years. Hard money loans frequently offer some finance for property upgrades and typically have durations of 24 months or less. Compared to rental loans, hard money loans can often require lower down payments.

Loans for rental properties have greater interest and expenses than mortgages for owner-occupied homes. Depending on several variables, the discrepancy can be anywhere from 100 bps to 400 bps.

A portfolio loan may be a smart option if you cannot obtain a standard mortgage to purchase or refinance 2 or more investment properties. The lending requirements are more flexible than other options and may give the borrower a discount for numerous loans, even though each property has a loan based on its value.

A blanket loan also known as a portfolio loan, is a fantastic choice for real estate investors who wish to refinance a portfolio of already-existing rental properties or buy several properties and finance them all using a single loan.

Developers frequently employ cross-collateralized blanket mortgages when they wish to buy a sizable piece of land and construct several residences on it. House flippers are commonly drawn to blanket mortgages as well.

Immediate equity capture. In most instances, the purchase price, repairs, holding and closing costs total far less than the appraised and perceived value of the property, providing immediate equity.

Capital Growth
Appreciation or capital growth. Throughout history, real estate usually increases in value over the long term, greatly increasing the net worth of those owning real estate.

Cash Flow
Cash flow or rental income. Monthly cash flow is the most tangible and immediate benefit for landlords. 



Tax benefits. As a landlord, there are many deductions you can claim which can include some or all of the interest, depreciation, repairs, insurance expenses, home office, vehicle expenses, advertising, company
meetings and more.

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