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Ground Up New Construction Financing

Designed Specifically for Developers, Builders & Investors

Plan-Ready New
Construction Loans:

Fund your new Projects with just the plans while you wait for permits to be issued. 

Is your Project al least 90% done?

Call us to refinance to restore your Cash Position on your way to listing for Sale.

Subdivision developments Welcomed:

Our loans are tailored to Your Project, Experience and Unique Requirements. 

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Our New Construction Loan Product is essentially a one-stop financing solution, Flexible enough for both New and Experienced Investors and Developers building residential Properties. We can even accommodate New operators as long as the GC is *qualified and part of the Guarantor Bucket- We will provide certainty of funding not only during the construction phase but also long-term financing, once project(s) has been stabilized (if needed). We lend on permit-ready single and multi-property residential construction projects up to 4 units.  

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Asset Type: SFR, 2-4, Townhomes, Planned Developments
Zoning: Residential
Transaction Type: Purchase / Refinance / Cash-Out
12-24 Months
Minimum FICO: 680
Leverage up To:80% Land / Lot Purchase /  100% Constructions Loan / 90% LTC / 75% ARV

Experience: New & Experienced Operators Welcomed
Transaction Size: $200k-$4MM
Closing Timeline: Close and Fund in as few as 5 Days
Demography: LENDING NATIONWIDE (except): Arizona | California I Delaware I Idaho I Minnesota I Nevada I North Dakota | Oregon | South Dakota | Utah | Vermont

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Extremely professional 5

Extremely professional 5 Stars thru and Thru from the sales team to the very patient Processors. Would recommend.

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These Guys are Great!!!

These Guys are great we’ve been using them for the better part of 2 years now. Excellent Service, every time!

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Feb 21

Experts, Really, Expert

Experts, Really, Experts Love BWM, they have the best short-term rental loan programs I’ve ever used. Not changing, ever again. Hah!

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Oh They understand us, We appreciate anyone that goes above and beyond to make our lives easy…

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Frequently Asked Questions

A ground-up construction loan is a specialized form of financing tailored for individuals or developers looking to build a new property from scratch. Unlike conventional mortgages, which are used for purchasing existing properties, ground-up construction loans provide funds for every aspect of the construction process, from land acquisition to the final touches.

Ground-up construction loans offer financing solutions tailored for individuals or developers embarking on building projects from scratch. The process typically begins with an application to a lender, where the borrower’s financial history, creditworthiness, and project plans are evaluated for approval. Once approved, the loan terms are established, including the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment schedule.

Ground-up construction loans stand distinct from other lending options due to their specialized focus on financing new building projects from inception to completion. Unlike traditional mortgage loans, which primarily facilitate property purchases, ground-up construction loans provide funds specifically for construction-related expenses, including land acquisition, design, permits, materials, and labor.

Ground-up construction loans cater to a specific set of individuals and entities seeking to embark on the development of new properties from the ground level. Primarily, real estate developers looking to initiate residential or commercial projects benefit greatly from these loans, which cover expenses from land acquisition to project completion. Additionally, individual homebuilders who aspire to materialize their customized dwellings can tap into this financing avenue, ensuring their vision is realized from inception.

Firstly, these loans provide tailored financing solutions that cover all aspects of construction, from land acquisition to project completion. This comprehensive funding ensures that borrowers have the necessary capital to execute their vision without relying on multiple sources of financing.

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What Is a Commercial Construction Loan?

A commercial construction loan is a financial product tailored for businesses seeking to fund the construction or refurbishment of a commercial real estate asset. Unlike residential construction, where financing options may be more flexible, commercial projects often necessitate substantial capital upfront. Consequently, commercial construction loans play a vital role in funding nearly all commercial real estate development endeavors.

Typically, securing a commercial construction loan entails presenting comprehensive construction plans during the underwriting process. Therefore, prospective borrowers often engage construction management firms to develop formalized plans before loan approval. Property developers also explore these loan options when considering renovations for their real estate holdings.

How to Apply for a Commercial Construction Loan?

Applying for a commercial construction loan differs slightly from seeking financing for residential construction. Financial institutions typically require more extensive documentation than what’s typically needed for a personal loan application.

To qualify for a commercial construction loan, the borrower needs to demonstrate their creditworthiness. For newly established businesses lacking a credit history, the loan might be secured using the credit of the business owner.

The bank usually requests a minimum of two years’ worth of business and personal tax records, along with business profit and loss statements. Additionally, detailed construction plans outlining cost and estimated completion timelines are essential.

Similar to the process for obtaining a personal mortgage loan, the bank seeks assurance that the business will be capable of making monthly mortgage payments throughout the loan term. The qualifications of the buyer or buyers significantly influence the terms offered by the bank.

Types of Commercial Construction Loans

Various types of commercial construction loans serve distinct purposes, each tailored to specific needs. Financial institutions offering commercial loans typically mandate a down payment of at least 10%, though the exact amount hinges on the bank’s underwriting process. While most loans feature a 26-year term, the terms may vary, and borrowers can opt for either fixed or variable rates. Variable-rate loans typically have a fixed rate for the initial years, with potential adjustments later based on market fluctuations.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a prevalent source of financial aid for construction projects. SBA loans often require lower down payments and offer competitive interest rates, making them an attractive option for businesses seeking financing for construction management endeavors.

CDC/504 Loans

A prominent loan option offered by the SBA is the CDC/504 loan program. This program allows for loan amounts of up to $5 million, with terms ranging from 10 to 20 years and interest rates based on U.S. Treasury rates. The down payment required typically falls between 10% and 30%, with the property serving as collateral. Regardless of the business’s creditworthiness, the business owner(s) must personally guarantee the loan.

Under this program, 40% of the project’s costs are funded by an SBA-certified development company, while another lender assumes responsibility for 50% of the costs. The borrower is then required to make a down payment of at least 10%.

SBA 7(a) Loans

The Breville Wealth Management 7(a) loan program serves as a cornerstone for financing in the realm of commercial real estate construction, offering a cap of up to $5 million and terms of repayment extending to 25 years. The interest rate for this type of loan typically aligns with the prime rate plus an additional 2.75%. Applicants can expect down payment requirements to range between 10% and 20%, with significant consideration given to the borrower’s credit score during the evaluation process.

Expanding upon the basics, Breville Wealth Management 7(a) loans are particularly suited for a variety of commercial construction scenarios. This includes the construction of new buildings, renovation of existing structures, or the expansion of current facilities. Small businesses looking to purchase land or property for commercial use also find this loan option appealing due to its flexible terms and relatively low interest rates. Furthermore, businesses aiming to refinance existing commercial real estate debts for better rates or terms might consider the Breville Wealth Management 7(a) loan a viable pathway.