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Give $375 & Get $375

Partner with a reliable, fast, and easy lending partner
to help Your Friends and Associates discover a better Mortgage Loan Experience
Join the BWM Referral Program Today!

Looking to offer your contacts a better mortgage loan experience and help them unlock the value of their next investment property?

Often times, Your contact’s success is determined by their ability to access fast, reliable capital from a trusted lending partner, and too often the other bidding party in some segments of real estate investing is a cash buyer or a fund with tremendous resources. Partnering with us helps to level the playing field for new investors and established ones, alike.

Benefits of Partnering with BWM

✓ Lightning Fast Closings
✓ Compete with cash buyers with closings in as few as 10 days
✓ Dedicated Support Team
✓ Trusted industry experts and a dedicated origination team that guide your clients from
application to closing
✓ Streamlined Underwriting Process
✓ More flexible investment loan options unique to their deal

It pays to have friends

Whether it’s a friend, family member or associate who can benefit from this easy and reliable access to real estate investment Capital. The BWM Refer-a-Friend program is perfect for you! When your friend closes their first loan with us, you’ll get $375, AND your friend will get $375, on their first deal. Furthermore, You will continue to earn $375 on each loan they close with us in the future.

WHITE PAPER: Let’s say You’re an online Publisher and your goal is to expose your referral link to 1000 targeted Real estate investors, developers or landlords per day x 6 days per week and or visiting REIAs in your local area. That’s 6,000 targeted leads in 6 days/week, 24,000 every 4 weeks/month and 312,000 leads in 52 weeks/year. This doesn’t mean You’re going to need 312,000 contacts in the first year, for example this can also mean 78,000 X 4 touches of your reaching out per year.

To Summarize, reaching out to 78,000 targeted marketing contacts, with a targeted message they’re already interested in (our Website) and at a paltry 1% success rate, You could generate approximately: 780 loan applications and if only 25% of those loan apps were qualified and went thru to closing, You’d earn $375 x 195 closings for a total of: $73,125 Your first year. And that’s assuming, Your borrower only did one deal per year and never did another deal.

FYI: most investors will do between 3-4 deals per year…So You can start to understand what our refer a friend program can do for Your income in the next 12 months. A nicer vacation for you and your family, a nicer car, a better education for your children, You get the point… What else would you like to know before you sign up?

How does BWM's Refer a Friend program work?

It’s easy! All you have to do is log in to enter your friend’s email address to send them an invitation. Your referral must use the unique link provided to them either in their invitation email or by you. To ensure you get credit for your referrals (and your referrals get their reward, too), you must submit your referral by logging into your BWM account and clicking on Refer a Friend to either send an invitation or copy your unique referral link. We’ll take it from there! Once your referral has successfully closed their first loan, A member of our Refer a Friend fulfillment team will contact you and your friend to help you claim your referral bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about BWM's Refer a Friend program

  • Bridge / Fix & Flip
  • DSCR Rental Loans
  • Ground Up / New Construction Loans

To start the referral process, Sign up below, if you haven’t so already or log in to your BWM account and click on Refer a friend. Simply enter your friend’s email address — they’ll get an email inviting them to work with BWM as their lending partner. You’ll also see the unique referral link that you can share with
friends, family and associates. The link will direct the person you refer to a loan product page.

There’s no limit to the number of friends, family or associates you can refer! The more you invite, the more you can earn.

Log in to your BWM Referral account anytime to check your Refer a Friend dashboard. Keep track of your referrals—see how many invites you’ve sent, how many referrals have been completed, and your total earnings!

For a referral to be successful, the person you refer must be brand new to BWM and must close a loan with us. There will be a $375 cash reward for each successful referral you make. Plus, your friend will also get a $375 reward for being referred, the first time. All paid within 48 hours of loan closing.

We will process the payment of your Reward Thru Paypal ONLY, using the email address of your account. Alternatively, We can send you a wire which with a $25 cost deducted from your referral bonus. We also may entertain gift cards sold by/thru major retailers on a case-by-case but you’re responsible for any fees or costs associated with the purchase of such instruments.

Yes! your referral will receive a $375 reward*within 48 hours after they close their first loan with BWM.

Unfortunately, we can’t track referrals back to your account if they didn’t use your referral link. Always ensure your referral uses the link we provide you to work with BWM by using your unique link or the referral email. 

Terms & Conditions:

*You must be an active Refer-a-Friend program member in good standing, with an active username and password to be eligible for compensation from the Refer a Friend program. Further, you must provide all required information about the Referred Borrower using the unique referral link provided to you. Additionally, the Referred Borrower must submit their first loan application on behalf of a borrowing entity formed and operating in the United States within 90 days from the date you provided BWM with the required referral information. 

Referred Borrower must also successfully close on the applied-for loan. If you or your referral fail to meet any of these obligations and conditions of the Refer a Friend program, you and your referral will be ineligible for a referral bonus for that referral. Referral bonus to your referral is only awarded to Referred Borrower’s first loan close; any subsequent loans closed by the same Referred Borrower are ineligible for any further referral bonuses to that referred borrower. Eligible Refer a friend members will receive a 1099 for any applicable taxes. For the purposes of the Refer a Friend program, Referred Borrower means the individual or person that applies for and closes a new loan, on behalf of a borrowing entity that has not previously applied for a loan with BWM. Accordingly, the Referred Borrower may only receive one referee bonus and cannot claim any further referee bonuses through subsequent BWM loan applications through a separate borrowing entity, guarantor, or other entity. If a Referred Borrower has previously applied for a loan with BWM, both the Referring member and Referred Borrower are not eligible for a referral bonus for that referral. The referred borrower will receive their $375 bonus via disbursement thru Paypal ONLY, using the email address of the borrower’s account. We also may entertain gift cards sold by/thru major retailers on a case-by-case basis but the recipient is responsible for any fees or costs associated with the purchase of such instruments. Borrowers may not refer themselves, or an entity they are a part of. Terms and conditions are subject to change and may be withdrawn at the sole discretion of Breville Wealth Management, INC (BWM), at any time.

Give your clients more flexible loan options and grow your business with the BWM Refer-a-Friend referral Program. Share the love and Refer-a-friend today!

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Give $375 & Get $375

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Earn Referral fee$ each time someone You refer takes out a loan, You only need to refer once!

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