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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

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May 03

Extremely professional 5

Extremely professional 5 Stars thru and Thru from the sales team to the very patient Processors. Would recommend.

Eddy G. 


Apr 27

These Guys are Great!!!

These Guys are great we’ve been using them for the better part of 2 years now. Excellent Service, every time!

Josh W. 


Feb 21

Experts, Really, Expert

Experts, Really, Experts Love BWM, they have the best short-term rental loan programs I’ve ever used. Not changing, ever again. Hah!

Andrew G.


Jan 25

Oh They understand us

Oh They understand us, We appreciate anyone that goes above and beyond to make our lives easy…

Mike A. 


Aug 15

When you need a Problem

When you need a problem solver to get your deal done, ask the good folks at BWM, without them, I would not have been able to Fund my last deal. Great job Guys!

Sue G. 


Sept 6


ALL GOOD THINGS!!! Have been working with BWM for over 6 years, my deals get funded and I focus on what I do, best. Thank Guys, All the Best!

Pete S. 


Oct 15

Best loan officers, Ever!!!

Best loan officers, Ever!!! As a NewBee, you hope to find someone that can help you in a competent way, when it’s time to do business. These guys are great, patient-would recommend-Go ahead and try them. 

Karol K.


Dec 04

A+ for Customer Service

A+ for Customer Service – Price made our process very easy and smooth and was very communicative each step of the way. Now that’s how you win someone over! will do my next deal here, too

Edouardo P. 


June 06

Loan process was quick

Loan process was quick and easy, as was the application. Origination fees were also very low compared to other lenders we’ve used. Would definitely recommend.



Apr 02

What a great Group!

What a great Group! The appraisal came in on Thursday and we closed and Funded the purchase the following Monday!

Fanny B.


Apr 09

It was very easy to apply

It was very easy to apply, this is my second load with BWM, needed to cash-out and pay off a few credit cards and other bills, they make it so easy. It feels so good to have everything paid off. Thanks again!

Fanny B


Nov 12

We are repeat customers

We are repeat customers because of the service and the way the staff makes sure to reach out at every step, so you always know what’s going on. Just how I like things. Thank you. 

Mike L. 


Aug 12

This team is very patient

This team is very patient, the whole experience from start to finish was steady and magnificent! This company has done wonders for my business, it’s sooo much easier to work on deals when your money partner feels like they’re part of your in-house team!

Sadie J. 


May 10

The only thing I can point

The only thing I can point out is the appraisal took such a long time but I know it’s not their fault and they don’t control that, otherwise the process was amazing and they know me, I have been working with BWN for years. All the best, Guys!

Petey K. 


Oct 06

Good people to do busi

Good people to do business with, I was approved for my first rental loan very quickly and closed as agreed. Very nice to work with and they help you any way they can and treat you right! Will be back. 

Sandoval K.


Mar 09

We are repeat customers

A++ Outstanding! I was looking for a fix and flip loan for a purchase I wanted to make, this team was very friendly to work with- they made sure I got the best advice and the best deal considering what my FICO was. Top Notch, would recommend them to anyone!

Edouardo J. 


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